Class: Mini Sprints

Chassis: Box Stock 

Biography (racing experience):

My name is Carissa Elliott #14. I am 9 years old and very excited to race for my 4th year at Hythe Motor Speedway! Last year I won the 2nd place championship at Hythe and won the 1st place championship at Taylor Speedway. I also raced at the World of Outlaws in Edmonton and won 2nd place. My 1st and 2nd year of racing at Hythe I finished 2nd and 3rd place for the points championship. I have grown up around racing and love every second of it. I have so much fun in my car and wish to race every type of car there is. I'm excited to be racing with my little sister this year. I want to thank my family, crew, sponsors and competitors.


I want to thank my family and sponsors Driving Force, West Rock, S&J Holding, Reckless Oilfield Services, Pala’s Vitamin Honey Bee Farm and Redneck Electric for all their support.

#14 - Carissa Elliott