Class: Elite Street Stock

Chassis: 1987 Chev Monte Carlo

Biography (racing experience):

Brooklynn comes from a large racing family and it is no surprise that as soon as soon as she was able
to join the driving team at Clark Motorsports she jumped right in. She has been around the track right from the beginning attending her first race as a supporter of her dad BJ in Calgary at just one month of age. Brooklynn had a wild first season of racing in the Mini Sprint division getting a couple heat race wins and coming very close to a first feature win. Unfortunately her first season ended early after suffering a broken arm in a crash in her 3rd main event start. Brooklynn was very excited to get back behind the wheel and join her friends and In 2011 & 2012 she was very happy to finish 3rd overall. Brooklynn also had the opportunity to travel to Edmonton to race on a bigger track and her fans witnessed some of her best racing ever!

She was so excited to win her first feature race in Edmonton and was looking forward to many more!
In 2013 to 2015 Brooklynn saw many podium finishes & she was very excited to capture the Box Stock Championship for three years!! Brooklynn turned her focus in 2016 & joined the Evolution Cup Car Series and competed the full season at the Hythe Motor Speedway & travelled to EIR to compete as well for several events which also included being the support class at the Nascar Pinty's event in July. Brooklynn finished 3rd overall in the 2016 & 2017 race seasons at the Hythe Motor Speedway and also competed in several events at EIR. The 2018 season brought another exciting new adventure as Brooklynn moved up and competed in the Starter Stock Class. Brooklynn had a very exciting & competitive season and could not have been happier with her first year in a new class although the season did end with a pretty scary crash. She finished the 2018 season 4th overall & captured Rookie of the year. Brooklynn is very excited for yet another new opportunity in the 2019 season as she moves into the Elite Street Stock series and would like
to wish all the competitors good luck!! Unfortunately the new car was not photo ready in time for the program but she is excited to unveil the new car. Brooklynn and her family would like to extend a huge thank you to Wes Griffith & her Uncle Mike for all their help both off and on the track!! She would like to thank all her family,
the sponsors, volunteers & fans for their support….without their support none of this would be possible!!


Annugas Compression, Big Rig Collision, The Kar Factory, Jim Clark - Stahl Peterbilt,

Lyons Productions Services, PureChem Services, Revolution Auto Group, Wes Griffith

#7 - Brooklynn Clark