Our track is club run and relies on the help of our cherished volunteers. We appreciate the countless hours and hard work our executive and members put into the facility. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the track please fill out the volunteer form here.

2018 Executive Committee:

President- BJ Clark

-Ph: 780-978-9090 - Email: bj.clark@hythespeedway.com

Vice President- Glen McIlvride

-Ph: 780-512-9907 - Email: gmcilvride@hotmail.com

Treasurer- Cindy Clark

-Ph: 780-814-2285 - Email: cindyclark93@live.ca

Secretary- Kerry Pylypiuk

-Ph: 780-933-2827 - Email: brake4racing@yahoo.ca


Tim Dewald

Darren Pylypiuk

Wes Griffith

Shawn Stevenson

Jason Bujold

Danni Critch

Lindsey McIlvride

Nancy McArthur